What do I need to know when traveling with my dog?

What should I bring if I'm doing a road trip with my dog?

Doggie Road Trip

A few tips from the road...

Always have a dog bag handy - it makes it so much easier when you stop. A bottle of water, food, treats, leash, toys, poop bags and a long leash for when you want to give him a little more freedom to move around while you are doing other things. Also, remember when you are crossing the border that you need to have a record of shots which your vet can provide - it only takes a few minutes but will save major hassles at the border...I suggest leaving a copy in the glove box so you never forget it. It also makes sense to scope out vets in the area you are going and also groomers - had an incident where Echo got into a massive bush or burrs and had to take him for a shave..

shared by a Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd-Poodle cross) owner

Some Dog Stuff

What do I do if my dog has eaten a burr?

While running around outside my dog is always getting burrs in his fur.

Can dogs have warts?

My dog has what looks like warts on the inside of her mouth. What are they?

Can dew claws grow back?

One of dog's dew claws looks like it's growing back.

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