How can I make homemade dog treats?

I would like to know exactly what is in the treats I give my dog. What is a simple dog treat recipe I can follow?

Basic and Easy Treat Recipe

Making treats for Eddie is something I started doing to save myself from spending too much at the pet store and I felt some satisfaction knowing what was in the treats I was feeding him all the time. This is one I came up with that he loves.
Disclaimer : This recipe is not an exact science.


3 cups flour
3 cups rolled oats
6 strips of bacon
1 medium size carrot
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs
2 tablespoons peanut butter

Get 2 bowls, a cookie sheet, turn the oven on to 350 and find something metal with a straight edge - like a spatula or a dough cutter.

Cook the bacon so it is crispy - keep the grease.

In one bowl mix the flour, oats and baking powder.
Peel the carrot, then grate it into the flour mixture. Use your hands to mix it all up - this breaks up the carrots so there aren't any clumps.

Take the bacon - chop it up into fine pieces - then mix it into the flour mixture like you did the carrot.

In the second bowl mash the eggs, bacon grease and peanut butter together.

Add the second bowl to the first bowl and mix with your hands. If the mixture is too sticky to handle - sprinkle in flour - if it's too dry add a little water or chicken soup base.

Once everything is mixed - press it out flat on the cookie sheet. Use whatever straight metal edge you have to score horizontal and vertical lines on the dough (press right down to the bottom of the cookie sheet) - this will make it really easy to break the treats apart once they are cooked.

Slide the cookie sheet into the oven. After 20 - 25 minutes turn the oven off but leave the treats in the oven to cool - this will crisp them up.

Final step is to break the treats up.
I keep them in the refrigerator.

You can play around with this recipes - the flour and oats are the base - whatever your dog loves - add it.
Sometimes I make them with sardines and peanut butter.

shared by a German Short-Haired Pointer owner

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